Jack Doheny Companies Inc. Completes Merger With Jet-Vac Inc


Jack Doheny Companies (JDC), a world leader in municipal, utility andindustrial equipment, has announced completion of its merger withlongtime business affiliate Jet-Vac, Inc. in Wharton, N.J., as of June30, 2013.

JDC has sold sewer cleaning, DOT-certified vacuum trucks, pipelineinspection and other related equipment for more than three decades. Thismerger provides financial and managerial support, which allows thecompany to be more responsive to customers in the Northeast.

“The wastewater industry is often an emergency-driven field, making thesuccess of those involved subject to the immediate availability of thevehicles and equipment they need to get the job done now,” says CEO andcompany namesake Jack Doheny.

“The Northeast is an intensely busy market, so we have hit the groundrunning,” says JDC president Dan Weber. “We have added resources in theregion to meet the growing market demand. Our employees personify thecore values of our company — only the best quality product, service andsupport. We have tapped some of our best people to expand our presencein this region, at a level the industry has come to expect of JackDoheny Companies.”

JDC will use the Wharton location to provide equipment sales and rentalsupport. The company is also finalizing the purchase of another locationon Long Island, to better support its municipal and commercialcontractor base there, as well.

The vehicles and equipment at the Wharton facility are representative ofthe company’s expansive, top-of-the-line rental fleet. “Specifically,on the municipal side, we will continue to represent Vactor Mfg. andtheir combination sewer cleaning units,” says Weber. “We’ll also carryStetco catch basin units, Sewer Equipment Co. of America jetter unitsand other equipment related to servicing the underground water, sewerand drainage infrastructure.”

The company will also offer products from IBAK, a world technologicalleader in closed-circuit TV systems, for televising and inspecting pipein those applications. The company also sells, services and rents othermanufacturers’ equipment, such as DOT-certified vacuum trucks fromCusco, Keith Huber and Custom Vac, which support the municipal, utility,petrochemical, and gas and oil exploration markets.

Management has also evolved with the merger. Ty Rose has been named thenew general manager of the Wharton facility.Under Rose’s direction, histeam will service customers at the 10-acre, 15,000-sq ft, eight-bayservice facility at the Wharton location, where it will also offer fullequipment rebuilds.

Across its nationwide network of sales and service facilities, JDCcarries more than $10 million in parts inventory, to provide immediateresponse for customer repairs or enhancements. The company alsomaintains a fleet of mobile service trucks manned by highly trainedtechnicians, who can be dispatched to service equipment at customers’sites.

JDC has completed design proposals to double the size of the Whartonservice center and triple the size of its parts department to meet thedemand in the Northeast. Groundbreaking on new construction is expectedsometime next spring, but JDC is not waiting for that change to improvethe existing facility, both operationally and aesthetically. Renovationsand ergonomic enhancements are already under way to increase theoverall productivity of the workforce.”

“The merger and related investments are in direct response to feedbackfrom the customers in this market,” says Kay Doheny, Jack Doheny’sdaughter, co-owner and executive vice president. “Our customers areexcited and we’re excited to have the opportunity to meet theirimmediate and future needs.”


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