Inuktun Services Ltd. Announces Spin-off Company

— Oct 10, 2013

Inuktun Services Ltd. (ISL) has announced a new spin-off company to focus on the higher volume production of four of its products.

Starting in October, Crystal Cam Imaging Inc. (CCII) will be developing and manufacturing the Crystal Cam camera and the Mini Crystal Cam camera, both underwater inspection systems; the Helios, an image enhancement system; and the CCII DVR, an industrial digital video recorder.

Brady Calancie, who is leaving his position as customer service manager for ISL to become the president and CEO of CCII, explains that the new company will have the capacity to develop and produce more of these systems.

ISL primarily builds highly technical, customizable robotic systems and therefore does not have the ability to efficiently produce a high volume of these smaller items, he says. But CCII, as a subsidiary company, will focus all its resources specifically on only these four products.

The products can be used with ISL's crawler systems and as part of other remotely operated vehicles, says Calancie. The cameras can also be used on their own.

The systems are currently used by many international companies, including Videoray, Seabotix and Barrick Goldstrike. They are also used by Canada's Seamor Marine, BC Hydro and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

“I see great things on the horizon,” says Calancie. “We have a lot of room to grow.”

The new company's office and production facilities will be located at ISL's headquarters in Nanaimo, B.C., with plans to expand to a new location in 2014. Eventually, Calancie says, he plans to grow the company into a completely independent entity that sells the products through its own sales network.

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