Brawoliner Expands Building Pipe Lining Options

— Jun 26, 2013

BRAWOLINER HT is a new domestic pipes rehabilitation system launched recently and which will be widely available from June 2013. With increasing emphasis in the market on rehabilitation rather than replacing pipelines in the domestic situations and inside buildings of various types to minimize disruption and internal damage, BRAWOLINER HT has been specifically designed to achieve these aims.

The rehabilitation of leaking sewage pipes in domestic property and buildings has for a long time only been possible by replacing old with new pipe. To avoid the expense involved in this, liners were occasionally fitted for buried pipes for lack of any suitable alternative. There are, however, risks inherent in this as the installations often do not meet the structural requirements with respect to stability at high temperature, flammability, etc. In particular high or constantly changing wastewater temperatures can greatly impair the success and durability of any renovation, until now.


The recent launch of the new BRAWOLINER HT system means these problems are now a thing of the past. The high and variable temperatures that can occur, for example, in kitchen or washing machine waste flows present a particular challenge. To achieve a permanent repair the stability of any rehabilitation system at temperatures greater than 93 C is necessary. In addition, for example, in Germany, for fire safety reasons, all rehabilitation solutions for wastewater pipes in buildings must meet a minimum for German building materials class B2 in accordance with DIN 4102-1 standards. The system is also DIBt approved for use in vertical pipes, making ideal for internal building pipe work.

For domestic rehabilitation situations, the world-renowned BRAWOLINER has been modified with a special temperature-stable film. This now means that steam curing is now also possible at high temperatures. The BRAWOLINER HT system now offers, in addition to the advantages of the tried-and-tested BRAWOLINER:

· Negotiation of bends of up to 90 degrees

· Potential for two dimension changes during a lining run

· Hot curing with steam or water

To meet the special requirements of working within a building/domestic environment the company has also developed the new BRAWO HT resin that has been specially formulated for such use. Together with the proven outstanding features of the well-known BRAWO resins, it meets all structural requirements including:

· Dimensional stability at temperatures greater than 93 C

· Meets German building materials class B2 requirements in accordance with DIN 4102-1

· Can be cold or warm cured


 New Steam Generator

In sewer rehabilitation steam curing has also established itself alongside curing of the resin soaked liners with warm water.

In particular this has found a significant market, during the rehabilitation of downpipes, where curing with water is only possible over short pipe sections of approximately 4 m height difference due to the weight of water in the liner. Here steam curing has clear advantages.

The new BRAWO SteamUnit BRAWOLINER offers a compact but efficient steam generator. With a heat output of 56 kW the diesel-powered unit produces a steam quantity of 50 kg/hour enabling the curing of longer pipe sections in buildings and in buried pipes.

The compact dimensions of the steam generator can be accommodated in a BRAWO renovation truck/van or can, if required, be positioned directly on site.

The advantages of the BRAWO SteamUnit are:

· It offers mobile steam generation

· Intuitive controls

· Ready for use in 15 minutes

· Steam temperatures of up to 159 C

· Rapid curing (only 80 minutes when used in combination with BRAWO HT resin)

To accelerate the curing of connecting pipes and short downpipes in buildings the compact BRAWO SteamBox L is also available. With integrated packer controls, the SteamBox L can also be used for rehabilitating connecting pieces.

Advantages of BRAWO SteamBox L are:

· Compact on site with the equipment weighing only 22 kg

· A 9 litre boiler which is refillable during operation

· 2 x 1,500 W heating rods for rapid heating

· Suitable for use with a 230 V lighting current (so a high voltage supply is not necessary)

· Integrated pressure and vacuum control

For CJ Kelly Associates, John Kelly, senior partner said: “BRAWOLINER has once again stepped up to meet the demands of a new and increasingly active market sector with the introduction of its new BRAWOLINER HT system and the new BRAWO HT resins, as well as the new portable steam generator. It is with innovations like these that BRAWOLINER continues to lead the field, particularly in the domestic and ‘in-building’ rehabilitation market.”

This article was supplied by CJ Kelly Associates, United Kingdom.

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